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Reinhardt Homes, LLC

Trent and Shannon Elliott started Trent Elliott Homes, Inc in 1996 as a home building company in the Montgomery County Texas metro area. Soon after, the company was split into two divisions; In-Depth Home Inspections and Reinhardt Custom Homes. Reinhardt Homes is the professional custom home building division which is named in honor of Trent's grandfather, Paul Reinhardt Stichler, who was a hardworking man of great integrity.

Trent was licensed through the Texas Real Estate Commission as a residential home inspector (Lic.#5253) during this time. He was also certified in the International Residential Code through the International Code Council. Trent has an UNSURPASSED KNOWLEDGE of electrical, mechanical and structural codes which offers homeowners a peace of mind knowing their builder has an extensive understanding of every aspect of the homebuilding process. Due to the success of Reinhardt Homes over the years, Trent no longer does home inspections.

Reinhardt Homes, LLC was recently written about by The Metropolitan Builder, Greater Houston Edition. You can download the edition for reading by clicking the button below.

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Building and Delivering Quality

Trent takes great pride in Reinhardt Homes long established reputation. Our valued clients are our neighbors, family, friends and beloved community members, we live, work and play amongst them every day. They are our today and our future. With that in mind, Trent demands the use of only the building industries best building materials and supplies to be used on every custom home project we do. Period.

Trent delivers and only allows, above industry standard carpentry and craftsmanship from every contributor in all phases of construction, such as carpentry, roofing, HVAC and plumber. He personally oversees every aspect from design to delivery, proudly signing his name to every contribution along the way. When he delivers, he expects and will only accept, complete satisfaction.

Each Home comes with a 10 Year Structural Warranty

We run our business by the book. We build our homes with great pride and high quality workmanship, but unforseen construction defects can happen, despite our best intentions and efforts. We provide our valued clients with a 10 year warranty through our warranty partner, StrucSure Home Warranty Company. We want our clients to feel confident about their purchase and give them peace-of-mind in the event the unforeseen occurs.

We are just as protective of our valued clients as we are our family and team members. We really do care about our clients. Get your dream home built right, choose Reinhardt Homes as your builder.

Community Participation and Interaction

We are proud members of the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce. We proudly participate and give back to our beloved community. We and our team members all live, eat and play in and around Montgomery county. We encourage the use of our professional building services as investing in our community and we, in turn, invest as much as possible with other professional businesses and suppliers as needed, that are based within our community. We do our part in keeping our local economics and employment needs as a daily, high priority focus.